"Whut? Yeah!!!"

So here is the next tune from the fantastic album "Guns don`t kill people...Lazers do".

Don`t forget to buy the album...The special edition comes with real Lazers. Check this!

"Fashion is my profession!!!"

It`s late in the day and I ain`t been in the club yet
Hustle to the mall to get me a short set
Yeah I got on sneaks but I need a new pair
Cause clubs in the summer got girls there...
(borrowed and influenced by DJ JAZZY JEFF AND THE FRESH PRINCE - SUMMERTIME :) )

"Wayne`s world! Wayne`s world! Party time!"

I think everyone remembers the scene in the car when they listen to Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen. An irish duo called Schizofonics remixed it in a 2009 style...check this crazy remix!!!


"Start the show"

One of my favorite Hip Hop Artist is Common. From his first Album "Can I borrow a dollar" in 1992 till today. Go, check his work on Discogs.com.
Here`s a link to a 30 min. footage of Common`s live performance in Paris on May 15th (via GrandCrew.com). Enjoy...



The year was 1991, when i first recognize a new group called Arrested Development. The 12" was called "Tennessee" and back then it was a huge hit in the clubs. Here is an edit done by Fabian from their tune called "People Everyday". Nice one!!


"Lighters, I wanna see some lighters!!!!"

Well, a few years back reggae and dancehall music was the sh.t. But nowadays only the real heads pump this music out loud. Yeah, really?! In 2009 a new super group called Major Lazer was formed by Diplo and Switch!!! The album is called "Guns Don´t Kill People...Lazers Do" and it´s the bomb. One of the best albums in 2009 so far...so check it!!!
Here is a bumpin´ remix by Ernold Sane.

"We want you back"

Yeah, I see...It`s to much Michael Jackson in the Net, on TV, on the radio and in the clubs. Some say, move on. But hey, he was one of the greatest entertainers. Here is one more tune in a special version. So Big J hit the Steel Drum...

"Pimp my track"

Xzibit! Anyone? The class? Anyone?
It`s been a long time, since one of his songs keeps my head nod. Nowadays he`s more known for his movies or MTV appearances. So here`s a new track from the new Soul Assasins album. It`s a bonus track and it`s nice!