"Hong to the Kong"

So here it is, a new nice mix from our man KID FRESH straight outta Hong Kong. If you have missed his Set on our Rewind Party in May you have to check this out...

Tell em more...

Are you into drum n bass at all? How bout early 90´s UK jungle and rave shiz? Dubstep? It´s usually not my realm at all, altough I´ve been a big fan of broken beats since ye olde days, and I seriously adore some of today´s Dubstep sound. But I hardly get to DJ any of that stuff! Obvi I couldn´t say no, when Kongkretebass, Hong Kong´s premier DnB collective, asked me to contribute a mix for their podcast.
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"Fuck the billboard, I´m a bullet on my block"

So here it is, for all you Hip Hop lovers. The new remix project, presented by the super duper group The Roots straight out of Phillie. Download it here.

If you like this one, here is a similar project by Fat Loop. You can find it here and here.

REWIND Kassel this Saturday @ A.R.M.

“So We Wanna Be Startin´ Something"

What´s that? Oh, your head hurts? It´s bright in here? Walk it off, you fucking baby. Until you´ve experienced the full ass-wrenching horror that awaits you when you drink any more than three beers after the age 30, you are not allowed to say you´ve hungover. 80’s, Classic’s, Rare Grooves, Mash Ups, Bootybass, skandinavian Disco-Hits, Baile Funk, Funk Carioca, Baltimore Club, Miami Bass, Electro, Rock, Soul and HipHop-2.0.

I wear my sunglasses all the time - do you!?



Doors open at 23PM
No dress code

Here´s a little teaser...


"Watch Out Now"

One of my favorite Hip Hop crews of the `90s. Here`s a remix of their 1999 hit in a fidget style...Definitely a crowd pleaser...

"What`s my name?!"

My first experience with Snoop was on the Soundtrack for DEEP COVER. The year was 1992. His 1993 Album "Doggystyle" was fantastic, but the next album i loved was "Welcome 2 The Chuuch". So here`s a nice remix of his 2004 hit made by my man DatA straight out of Paris...