"Fade to Jack"

Here is a nice project. Jay-Z beats with vocals of MJ. It`s called "MJ3: FADE TO JACK".
So go and listen to some heaters...

"Burnin` Chair party!!!"

Chairlift is a US based group lost in Brooklyn, New York. I`ve found them via
Myspace, but you have to check out their homepage too, you can find it here.
Very nice tracks.
If you live in the US of A check out their tour dates.

Here is a nice remix by Passion Pit...

REWIND Kassel this Saturday @ A.R.M.

"Tonight we gonna party like it`s 1999″

So, bevor wir auf grosse Asien Tour gehen noch mal eine Rewind in good old europe. Nach all den Highlights der letzten Monate, geht es bei uns straight weiter und wir machen gleich eine grosse Birthday Party daraus und feiern als wäre es das Jahr 1999!!! Wie jeden letzten Samstag im Monat, brennen Danny & Janatic wieder mal den Club ab und spielen wieder das beste aus 80’s, Classics, Electro, Hip Hop, Baltimore Club, Baile Funk, Mash-Ups, Rock, Rare Groove und „Bang Boom Bang.” Jeder der schon mal bei einer unserer Parties dabei war, erinnert sich bestimmt gerne, eine ausgefallene und exzessive Party miterlebt zu haben – girls and boys dancing! Ach ja- T-Shirts gibt’s natürlich auch wieder! Also Scheiß egal wie heiß dieser Keller noch wird, wir halten durch und feiern über die Sperrstunde hinaus bis die Sonne wieder scheint!

I wear my sunglasses in Hong Kong-do you!?




Doors open at 23PM


No dress code

Here`s a little teaser...

Excelarator - Shake`em Down (Watch Me Now)


Anthony Williams, (May 18, 1972 – September 19, 2009)

"To my man ROC RAIDA...Rest in peace!!!"

Anthony "DJ Grand Master Roc Raida" Williams, one member of the Legendary X-ecutioners, passed away at 02:05 Sept. 19, 2009. He started DJing at the age of 10. With his Crew the X-Men, later the X-ecutioners, he influenced the art of DJing with creating excitement by injecting pure passion into his mixes.

"Roc Raida began his DJ career in the early eighties at the age of ten. Surrounded by such inspirations as his father, a member of the Sugar Hill Records act Mean Machine and hip hop impresario Grandmaster Flash, Raida cultivated his interest into an absolute passion. Now, Roc Raida is considered among the best of the contemporary DJ’s and has brought the art of Turntablism and Party rocking to a fresh new level.

In the late eighties Raida gained prominence as a member of the New York-based crew the X-Men who, for obvious of copyright reasons, later became known as the X-Ecutioners. Champions of furthering the turntablist movement, the X-Ecutioners made their reputation by utilizing the techniques of beat-juggling; the manual alteration between individual kick and snare sounds to create original drum patterns in real time. This practice has been an inspiration and a force in Roc Raida’s style.

In the beginning defeat was commonplace, as battles were mainly popularity contests. The more contests he entered the more the competition began to appreciate his style and determination. Pushing his limits and raising the standard with which DMC’s are judged, Raida began to get noticed. His impressive finishes in some of the premier DJ battles; first place in the 1991 "As One"; second place in the "Superman Battle"; and second place in the 1992 DMC US Finals were just the beginning. In 1995 Raida, was crowned the DMC World Champion in front of a massive London audience.

The past several years have seen Raida traveling around the globe in such exotic locations as Singapore, Turkey, Japan and Australia to China, Hawaii, Moscow, and the South of France. Two years ago on a panel at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Raida was appointed "Grandmaster", by some of Hip-Hop’s founding fathers. Rules for this dubious honor state that one may only be bestowed with the approval of another Grandmaster; Raida was not only approved, but also welcomed by Kool Herc, Grand Wizard Theodore and scratch evolutionist DST. To round out a phenomenal decade, Raida was also inducted into the DMC Hall of Fame at the 1999 DMC World Finals in New York City.

Roc Raida has been featured on an episode of "Saturday Night Live"; the first DJ to ever share the stage with the fabled SNL band. Proving, once again, that Raida is the perfect example of a master perfecting his art.

Raida has taken his DJ style to souring heights and has also moved into production in the last 8 years. He has produced record for artists, such as, Big L, Smif ‘N’ Wessun, Fat Joe, Bad Boy recording artist Aasim, Ghostface, Black Thought of The Roots and Linkin Park to name a few. He has also lent his hand’s scratching on records for artist’s like O.C.’s classic “Time’s Up” to pop sensation Pink’s new album “I’m Not Dead.” Recently Raida was the star of the National Pepsi commercial entitled Speakerboxx. From Raida’s experience’s and touring attributes he has released 3 DVD’s documenting The Adventures of Roc Raida and now created The Gong Battle (New York & London), which has brought a new light on the turntabilism world of battles.
(taken from his myspace)

We will miss him dearly...

Here is something to remember...


Recap of last Rewind, 29.08.2009

For more pics click here.