"Whatever you do, don`t fall asleep"

Now I have a story that I'd like to tell
About this guy, you all know me I was scared as hell
He comes to me at night when I crawl into bed
He's burnt up like a weenie and his name is Fred
He wears the same hat and sweater every single day
And even if it's hot outside, he wears it anyway!
He's home when I'm awake, but he shows up when I sleep
I can't believe that there's a nightmare, on my street!
(Taken from DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - A Nightmare On My Street)

Here`s a Halloween gift...

So, Happy Halloween...

For ideas for your party go to www.halloweenforum.com!!!


"Patience, Young Jedi"

Halloweens no 1 bad boy Darth Vader returns!
But this time he's bringing his flute...
also check him out live on Oct 31th while he's djing at Rewind the Party!!!

Darth Vader - Imperial March (Kuricorder Remix)

So, ´fullfil your destiny´ and be there...

´may the force be with you´! HA HA...


REWIND Kassel this Saturday @ A.R.M.

"Eins, zwei, Danny und Jan kommen vorbei..."

Alle 10.000 Stammgäste haben es hoffentlich schon mitbekommen:

Am 31. Oktober, pünktlich um 23 Uhr ist es wieder soweit!

Alle Freunde der Vierviertel-Tanzmusik bekommen die ganze Nacht mehr als gut für sie ist und die beiden Dandys: Danny & Janatic, versorgen euch mit exzentrischen und superben Krachern aus 80’s, Classic’s, Rare Grooves, Mash Ups und Bootybass, skandinavischen Disco-Hits, Baile Funk, Funk Carioca, Baltimore Club, Miami Bass, Electro, Rock und Soul bis hin zu HipHop-2.0 und lange nicht mehr gehörtem für die Connaisseure unter euch und genau dem richtigen für den monatlichen Samstag-Nacht-Tanz in unserem Lieblingskeller in der Werner-Hilpert-Straße.

Achja und Halloween is ja auch noch…

I wear my sunglasses under my pumpkin – do you ?!


"You are learning well my young padawan"

"Padawans followed and helped their Masters everywhere, unless seen unfit by the master, from simple tasks to dangerous missions, so that they learned from experience and personal guidance. Padawans that belonged to species that grew hair on their heads typically grew a braid signifying their apprentice status, although there were a few exceptions among species, even some humans. When a Padawan passed the "trials", he or she was elevated to knighthood, and his or her braid was cut off during the knighting ceremony. There was no fixed age when this happens: Padawans could even be adults, but for a Human, it usually occurred in the Padawan's early- or mid-twenties."
(Taken from Wookieepedia)

So, dont miss "The Return of the Release Party" and a funky fresh set by the master of masters JANATIC!!!


Saturday 24/10/2009
@ A.R.M. Kassel

Werner-Hilpert-Strasse 22
34117 Kassel

Doors open at 23h
No dress code

Here is a little teaser from the album "BASSS Brains":

Buy the album here...

"Me, Myself And My Iphone"

For all you REWIND THE PARTY lovers.
Here´s the official IPHONE WALLPAPER for your mobile phone.

Also enjoy some nice tunes, Ipod rotation material. Not the newest stuff, but very nice to listen to...


Recap of last Rewind, 26.09.2009

For more pics click here.


"1st night in Hong Kong part 3"

Our first night club expirience in Hong Kong was the asian share-holders club M1NT- located in different citys over the globe -you have to be a member to party there. But Passion was djing there this night and so we went in for free with Kid Fresh, Enso, Adrian & James.
The M1NT in HK is not very big but there's a fish tank with at least 10 sharks in it, crazy ish!! The guests are jetsetters and HKs upper class -> stinking with money. Everytime a bottle of champagne was ordered the barmen started lil "fireworks". I have no clue how high the price of one bottle is! One of the barmen was also acting as a fire-breather from time to time while he was mixing drinks. As our official "Non-Alcohol-DJ", Danny drank a water(photo) which was extracted from a Norwegian glacier!! probably the best water your able to order in "luxury-world"
One girl asked, "Who`s the DJ?" "DJ Passion, he`s from Germany!" "Passion, like in passion fruit?! He`s amazing! Amazing!"...the girls were amazing too...

So here`s Passions official "amazing" remix for JAN DELAYs single... ;)
Jan Delay - O Jonny (Bass Ill Euro Remix) feat. Mister Santos

Watch out for the BASS ILL EURO Album coming soon!!!
Check out the new PITBULL Album "Rebelution" with the track "Full of Shit" by BASS ILL EURO

"1st night in Hong Kong part 2"

After the delicious meal we went to a place near HKs no 1 viewing point "The Peak" to enjoy the view over Hong to the Kong at night. Say whuut!!! Okay Freezy, now we definitely know why you love Hong Kong that much!! (this is what everybody tells him while visiting the "ghetto-peak")

Later this evening we were invited to pre-party & warm up for the night at DJ ENSOs crib located in Lan Kwai Fong- HKs nightlife hotspot. Located on 11th floor we've got a nice view over the drunken party peops on the streets. But we've been really upset when we heard fu*ked up "DJ Oetzi" out of a "Oktoberfest" celebrating pub.

"1st night in Hong Kong"

We went per MTR from Lantau to the isle of Hong Kong to met our friend KID FRESH who lives in Hong Kong and one half of the DJ crew BASS ILL EURO - DJ PASSION from Benz-Town, who was on his Asia-Tour. 1st stop was a "Ghetto" Restaurant in Wan Chai- having a good traditional kantonese meal and a bottle of the local "Blue Girl" beer. Yummie...but special.


"Hong to the Kong part 2"

So here we go again! After our nice trip to Hong Kong...Let`s put it this way. It was great, wonderful, in short: amaaaazing!!! The first two days we stayed at the Novotel Citygate near the airport in Lantau. It was an anonymous youtube tip by DJ A-Trak, so thanks Trizzy ;)
(check out his review of "Novotel Citygate" here )
The rest of our trip we stayed on the isle of Hong Kong in Wan Chai.
Within the next few days we will post more pics and storys. So stay tuned...