"The Anthem"

Okay, we have the Documenta. It´s the worlds leading art exhibition for contemporary art.
We have the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, europes largest Bergpark, with the town´s landmark Herkules, the Wasserspiele (trick fountains), the Schloss Wilhelmshöhe and the Löwenburg and now we have a new anthem for our homebase Kassel (Cassel or like we love it, Cuzzle) and it´s more than good, it´s fantastic!!! It´s from a Vancouver based band called Clips. (Yeah, right. Vancouver in Canada!!!)
Hope to see and hear you soon in ´Cuzzle´ ;)

Go check it out...


"WooHaa, got ya all in check"


Brand new old school expansive hardcore live fun analogue record diggin’ bodyrockin’ show stoppin’ boom bap satisfaction. Golden Age Hip Hop, 60s and 70s Funk and Soul, Breaks, Mash-Ups and everything which keeps the FUNK alive…for that matter, go on and practice the Electric Slide, Shuffle Slide, Cleveland Slide, Jungle Slide, the Ed Lover Dance or maybe the Carlton Dance…cause we party till the break of dawn…

November 21th, 2009
@ ARM, Kassel
Doors open at 23PM
No Dress Code

Have a go!

Here is a little teaser, Ipod rotation material...


"Welcome to `Benefit rocks 2009´"

"Why I´m worried about my clothes if my donation gonna change the world?"

Dont miss the event of the year! Live on stage are "Jam Sticks", "Migthy Vibez", "Caustic Yellz" and more. After party with Danny & Janatic...

November 20th, 2009
Doors open at 19PM
No Dress Code

All profits of the charity event goes towards the `CHILD CANCER WARD´ in Kassel.
This event is organized by the student council of `Ursulinenschule´ and `König-Heinrich-Schule´!
Be there!!!

Here´s a little teaser...


Recap of last Rewind, 31.10.2009

For more pics click here.

"Bucktown, I represent it on the love love deeply rooted from my Timbs to by dick above"

BUCKTOWN!!! Home of the Originoo Gunn Clapperz!

Here is something for the so called underground hip hop heads. It´s a mixtape from ´Duck Down Records´ featuring artists like KRS-ONE, Marco Polo, Sean Price...nice one!!! So put on your shit kickers and kick some shit...

By the way! Check www.juno.co.uk for the big autumn sale. Nice japan only hip hop releases for a nice price!!!

"The Riddler"

Super hyped on this...Discobell.net and DJ Neoteric presents ´The Mystery Mix´!!!

What happens when you unleash a MONSTER of a mixtape, filled with unreleased tracks from many of the biggest names and labels in the game, and a few unknown future stars? Generally everyone hits Google in a frenzied attempt to track down the whole playlist. But, what if one had to do more work to find out just what these tracks were? Welcome to The Mystery Mix, an internet scavenger hunt for music fiends!
The hunt for the tracklist of The Mystery Mix starts today and continues until the puzzle is solved. Over time, they will be revealing clues to help listeners figure out the tracklisting. For example, they may twitter a YouTube clip of one of the songs being played live, or drop a hint within a blog post on Discobelle. You may find a mention about a song in question on the website of one of the labels involved, or have to go digging around MySpace or Facebook to find the answer you’re looking for!


2. Do some investigating and start piecing the tracklist together

3. Send your complete tracklisting to mysterymix@discobelle.net. The first fully correct answer wins the prize!

Mystery Mix Tracklist
01. Track 1 (0:05 – 2:30)
02. Track 2 (2:31 – 5:49)
03. Track 3 (5:50 – 9:07)
04. Track 4 (9:08 – 12:35)
05. Track 5 (12:36 – 15:07)
06. Track 6 (15:08 – 17:19)
07. Track 7 (17:20 – 19:37)
08. Track 8 (19:38 – 21:51)
09. Track 9 (21:52 – 24:35)
10. Track 10 (24:36 – 26:04)
11. Track 11 (26:05 – 28:29)
12. Track 12 (28:30 -30:29)
13. Track 13 (30:30 – 33:33)
14. Track 14 (33:34 – 36:22)
15. Track 15 (36:23 – 40:24)
16. Track 16 (40:25 – 43:47)
17. Track 17 (43:48 – 47:36)
18. Track 18 (47:37 – 50:50)
19. Track 19 (50:51 – 54:50)
20. Track 20 (54.55 – 58:20)
21. Track 21 (58:21 – 61:18)
22. Track 22 (61:19 – 66:03)
23. Track 23 (66:04 – 67:55)
24. Track 24 (67:56 – 71:00)
25. Track 25 (71:01 – 75:07)
26. Track 26 (75:08 – END)

For more info visit: www.discobelle.net

The first 3 tracks are:

1. Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok
2. Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
3. The Subs – Mitchubitchi

good luck with the rest!


"Baby got back"

The bum is back in Hong Kong.

You can choose from eight biscuits such as "Hot Pants", "D.I.Y." or "Full Monty".

Very delicious!!!

"The flu - prevention you need to know"

First step: Wash your hands regularly with soap and water!!!

Second step: Use disinfectant!!!

Third step: Sterilise your shoes!!!

and last but not least: Always wear a face mask!!!


"This Is It"

One of my favorite DJs in a mix with his favorite tracks from the "King of Pop". Well! Lets give it a try.


Chiddy Bang is back

Start your weekend with a nice track from Chiddy Bangs debut Mixtape
“The Swelly Express”

Chiddy Bang - All things go

for further information check: www.myspace.com/chiddybang

peace- have a nice weekend!


Okay, here it is. Klassentreffen 3 - The Return Of The Electro Osho. For those of you who dont know it, this was the club of clubs in GÖ till 2007. Nice parties, nice people and great DJ´s. Thank you Jörg, for the opportunity to let this happen again.

Floor 1: electro/techno/house
Thomas Atzmann (Prima! Platten, HH)
Unique (HouseRevolution/Kane|Room, Gö)
Gunman (Kane|Room, Gö)
Dennis Kampfer (Kane|Room, Gö)
+ Guest

Floor 2: HipHop/Funk
DannyD (Rewind!, Livin'Large, KS)

Floor 3: Drum'n'Bass/Jungle/JumpUp/Rave
Headshot b2b Truebadour (RoteFlora, HH)
Roger Berkeley (TabledanceSoundsystem, Gö)
Jerksta (TabledanceSoundsystem, HH)
MC Mezcla (TabledanceSoundsystem, B)
MC Rodyho (Breakaholics, HH)

Doors open at 23PM
No Dress Code

How do you get there? Click me!


"I love it when a plan comes together"

I think everyone knows these guys! It was one of my favorite tv program in the 80s. These four guys were so cool back in the days. After the huge request from our crowd, here it is, THE REMIX...

Let`s hope that "The New A-Team" movie, which comes in 2010 to a theater near you, will be as good as the original...I doubt that!!!