"All My Beloved Big Fat Monster Beats Party"

REWIND Kassel this Saturday @ A.R.M.

Bäng- Bäng- Kaboom!!
Die zwei verrückten aka Danny & Janatic aka die wilden Kerle, schließen heute mal wieder ihre Lieblingslocation für euch auf. Es tut uns ja auch leid und wir wissen auch noch gar nicht wohin mit all unserer Zeit, aber das Moulin Rouge gibt es nun leider nicht mehr, naja, dann sind wir wohl die Nummer 1 Adresse für diesen Samstag Abend.

Also schnell die Polendance-Stange in die Ecke gestellt, ab unter die Dusche und nix wie rüber ins A.R.M.. Achja was anderes anziehen nicht vergessen…Da wartet dann auf euch die volle Packung Action & Abenteuer & richtig Bambule!!

Die beiden Wan Chai Wankers Danny & Janatic schmeißen für euch die wildesten Hits auf die Plattenspieler und bitten euch aufs Parkett mit einer Mischung aus 80’s, Classic’s, Rare Grooves, Mash Ups und Bootybass, skandinavischen Disco-Hits, Baile Funk, Funk Carioca, Baltimore Club, Miami Bass, Electro, Tropical, Soul & HipHop-2.0 Leider hat uns Florian Silbereisen für seinen Auftritt abgesagt..aber wir werden uns um einen würdigen Ersatz bemühen.

So what you waitin‘ for ?!

I wear my sunglasses in the dark -do you?!




Doors open at 23PM


No dress code

Here´s a teaser...

Back some time in 2007, Hud Mo produced this remix using a Tweet track (remember her? She was a Missy protege, did that song about lady-wanking and was going to be huge, and then ... wasn`t).

Tweet - Oops! (Hudson Mohawke Remix)


"Cross-Over Madness"
Great new track by UK based Serocee. It´s some serious cross-over madness, combining Electro, Dancehall and Funky...Enjoy...


New Track by Jamtech Foundation feat. Sizzla. Album should be out in April...

Jamtech Foundation f. Sizzla - The Agenda (Sharkslayer riddim mix) by TOP BILLIN


"Crossfaded Bacon"

Here is a massive remix by So Shifty. Enjoy...

MVSEVM - French Jeans (So Shifty Fro Remix) by So Shifty


"Easily Recognizable"

Here is a nice mix by french producer duo Beataucue. Found on DJ A Traks blog.


1 Intro
2 Beckers & D-Nox - 19909
3 Monsieur Monsieur & Filip Dean - Dirty Minded
4 Switch - Grace (Laidback Luke Edit)
5 SonicC & Digital - Drunk Skunk (LA Riots Remix)
6 Afrojack - Bangduck
7 Fabio Lendrum - Trouble (Drop The Lime Remix)
8 Two Doors Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (BeatauCue Remix)
9 Sound of Stereo - Oley Oley
10 Lee Mortimer & Foamo - Superman
11 Miike Snow - Silvia (Savage Skulls & Tony Senghore Remix)

"Classic Tracks"

Found these nice videos to some classic tracks...Enjoy...


"South African House"

Out Here Records presents

Ayobaness! The Sound of South African House

'Ayobaness - The Sound of South African House EP' is a 4-track introduction to the vibrant urban club culture that rules the dance floors ofSouth Africa now out on Itunes and on other digital download platforms. It will be followed by a full length compilation (due end of April/ early May), to give you the full experience of South Africa’s house craze.

Ayoba is a catch phrase born in the townships of Johannesburg which is used to express excitement. Right now South Africa is excited: in June and July millions of football fans worldwide will be turning their eyes on the rainbow nation for the 2010 World Cup. This could also be the time for the probably most crazy house culture in the world to shine.

The EP starts off with 'Ayobaness' by Pastor Mbhobho, a crazy priest sporting a huge afro and wearing lots of bling bling. “His royal Ayobaness” or “The president of youth culture” as he puts it, he is a bit like South Africa’s very own version of Ali G. Pastor Mbhobho is followed by DJ Mujava’s 'Mugwanti', another smash hit from the suburbs of Pretoria. ‘Just in Time’ by Aero Manyelo from Midrand Johannesburg is a track with a bass that pumps the speakers of any township Shisanyama (a barbecue). Another hidden gem is DJ Steavy from Nelspruit whose 'Ungazocala' offers a mix of ghetto and disco sounds:
100% pure Ayobaness!!

4-track EP:
1. Pastor Mbhobho - 'Ayobaness'
2. DJ Mujava - 'Mugwanti/ Sgwejegweje`
3. Aero Manyelo - 'Just In Time'
4. DJ Steavy - 'Ungazocala'

(Thanks to George from Out Here Records)

and here is a gift from our Bavarian friends Schlachthofbronx

DJ Mujava - Mugwanti / Sgwejegweje Schlachthofbronx RMX by OuthereRecords

You can download the EP here...


"Phantasy Sound"

New Late of the Pier single called "Best in class". Release date March, 1st. Available on limited edition 12'' and digital download. Enjoy...

"Lot´s Of Lovin´"

Here are the first two parts of three short documentaries to celebrate the life of legendary emcee and producer James Yancey aka. J Dilla. This documentary is essential viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in Hip Hop...

and as a bonus a nice mix by DJ Rhettmatic...


"Hate It Or Love It"

New Fedde Le Grand single. Out on Feb., 26 2010...

"Teen Pop Cliche"

Apropos Chiddy Bang. Seriously, these guys are the illest! Check out this video for their new ´Opposite Of Adults EP´ out Feb 22nd.

"Most Successfull Virtual Band"

Here it is, the new track of the ´Gorillaz´. It´s called ´Stylo´ featuring Mos Def and Bobby Womack. New album should be out on march, 9th.

Here´s a nice remix by Chiddy Bang. Enjoy...

Gorillaz feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack- Stylo (Chiddy Bang Remix)



MTV dumps its ´Music TV´Logo

It is tough to even begin to think of MTV without ‘music’. And in fairness music still figures in MTV’s broadcasting repertoire. But 29 years after its debut with ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by The Buggles, the ‘Music Television’ part of its logo has formally been dropped.

It ought not to come as too much of a surprise given that in North America MTV now stands more for teen viewing and reality TV, and its competitor is no longer other music channels but is far more likely to be Facebook or YouTube. Its top-rated shows are now Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, and have little to do with music.

Last week the Viacom-backed channel quietly dropped ‘Music Television’ from their logo, and immediately prompted a rush of suggestions as to what the ‘M’ in MTV might now stand for. Top of the list was ‘Mindless Television’ which seems a bit cruel especially given the long history of the station’s support for music, the video industry in general and multichannel TV in particular.

(written by: Chris Forrester, found via rapidtvnews)

"It Ain´t Hard To Tell"


Brand new old school expansive hardcore live fun analogue record diggin’ bodyrockin’ show stoppin’ boom bap satisfaction. Golden Age Hip Hop, 60s and 70s Funk and Soul, Breaks, Mash-Ups and everything which keeps the FUNK alive…for that matter, go on and practice the Electric Slide, Shuffle Slide, Cleveland Slide, Jungle Slide, the Ed Lover Dance or maybe the Carlton Dance…cause we party till the break of dawn…
We are talking about the Roots, Badu, Mark Ronson, Miike Snow, Mos Def, Common, Roots Manuva, Jackson 5 etc – you know the likes..- so no autotune on this side of the channel...

February 20, 2010
@ ARM, Kassel
Doors open at 23PM
No Dress Code

Have a go!

Please enjoy...

Nas - It Ain`t Hard To Tell (Dister Remix) by dj dister

This remix is the bomb!!!

Freddie Scott - You Got What I Need


Big Brother is watchin' you!

Holy macaroni!

Rewind has officially entered the "BigBrother"
house in Germany.
While wearing one of our Rewind-shirts "Jessica"
is dancin' around the TV-container.
Even if "BigBrother" is definetly NOT one of our favourite
TV shows we had to watch it these days to serve you
these wonderful photos & a video.
Let's call it clever product placement...

go VOTE for Jessica!!


"A special message"

Yeah, we got a special message for you from our bavarian friends Schlachthofbronx. Sit back and have fun cutting!!!!

Hey folks,

since its carnivaltime we thought we deliver some special treat for all the die-hard carnival-pranksters and real drivebyshootingstars:


Actually thats the original masks spoek and gnucci built for the ingenious ayoba video which - in case you missed it - you'll find here: Video

Have fun cutting!

Jakob & Benedikt

and as a bonus...



"Bavarian Bounce"

Here is a mix by Schlachthofbronx for Sindens KISS.fm show. Enjoy...

Schlachthofbronx guestmix for sindens kiss.fm show (mid jan 2010) by schlachthofbronx


1. DJ Mujava – Mugwanti Sgwejegwele
2. Funkin Matt – Zee!
3. Schlachthofbronx – Ayoba feat. Spoek Mathambo & Gnucci Banana
4. Shantel – Authentic (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
5. Youngsta – Bongo (Schlachthofbronx Edit feat. Spoon)
6. Schlachthofbronx – Tulum (Beataucue Remix)
7. Acid Kids – Bigfoot feat. Marina (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
8. Dani l Mebius – Illegal Weapon
9. Schlachthofbronx – Sai safarda feat. MC Leka
10. Edu K – Jumpin and pumpin
11. Demarco – Hustler (clean version)
12. Gappy Ranks – Stinkin rich (Schlachthofbronx Edit)

Recap of last REWIND, 30.01.2010

For more pics click here.


"I want to ride my bicycle"

My favorite video at the moment.


"Sky´s the limit"

Wow, one of the most talented folks I know. DJ Rafik!!!
Six time DJ World Champion, great producer, member of the legendary Lordz of fitness DJ crew and one of the pioneers in the turntablism and controlerism scene.
On January 26, 2010 he crossed the Rubicon together with his father, concertmaster of the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra.

Check this..

"Tropical heat"

Enjoy this nice mix by ´So Shifty´. These guys are one of the most exciting discovery of the last year. Nice remixes and tracks. They found a home at Emyds label ´Crossfaded Bacon´. Check this...


1. So Shifty ft. Ward 21 & Natalie Storm - Clap
2. So Shifty - Untitled
3. Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (Momma's Boy Remix)
4. Busy Signal - Picante (So Shifty Remix)
5. Mvsevm - French Jeans (So Shifty Fro Mix)
6. Major Lazer ft. Leftside & Supahype - Jump Up (Laza Beam Remix)
7. So Shifty - Two Step Swang
8. DJ Mujava - Township Funk (DJ Nonsense Remix)
9. No.1 Champion Sound - Ackee & Saltfish
10. Major Lazer - Pon de Floor (Steve Caporal Remix)
11. Detboi - Whine Ya Body
12. Timberlee - Gunny Gunny (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
13. Digital Manges - Manges (Sharkslayer Dub)
14. Sticky ft. Natalie Storm - Look Pon Me
15. Zombies For Money - Sacanage
16. Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts (Douster Remix)
17. Business Class ft. Prince Zimboo - Goosfraba
18. The Count & Sinden - Mega
19. Jamtech Foundation ft. Voltage - Park The 9
20. So Shifty ft. Ward 21, Tifa, Natalie Storm & Timberlee - Touch
21. Riton & Primary 1 - Who's There (Malente Remix)
22. So Shifty - Wake The Town
23. So Shifty - Untitled
24. So Shifty ft. Ward 21 & TNT - Touch (Douster Remix)
25. Laidback Luke & Diplo - Hey!
26. The Count & Sinden - Elephant 1234
27. Malente & Dex ft. New Kidz - Lions (Douster Remix)
28. So Shifty ft. Ward 21 - Wine
29. Jamtech Foundation ft. Sizzla - Agenda (So Shifty Remix)
30. Redlight – Kid Soldier
31. Bob Sinclair ft. Shabba Ranks & Movado - Love You No More (Sinden Remix - So Shifty Edit)
32. Busy Signal - Da Style Deh (Douster Dagga Remix)
33. Schlachthofbronx - Guata
34. DJ Class - I'm The Ish
35. So Shifty ft. Lukie D - Rodeo
36. Rico Tubbs - Work This
37. Schlachthofbronx - Poppin
38. Say Wut – Gangsta
39. Emynd ft. Roundhead - The Most High
40. Emynd ft. Roundhead - The Most High (So Shifty Remix)
41. So Shifty ft. Ward 21 & Natalie Storm - Clap (So Shifty Remix)
42. So Shifty - Nowhere To Run To
43. Crazy Cousinz ft. MC Versatile - Funky Anthem
44. Ms Dynamite - Bad Gyal
45. Princess - Frontline
46. Princess Nyah - Big Boys
47. R. Kelly ft. Keri Hilson - Number One (So Shifty Funky Remix)
48. Kyla - Do You Mind?
49. Maxwell D & Sticky - Text Text Text
50. Lady Chann - Eye Too Fast
51. Shystie - Pull It (Ill Blu Remix)
52. Tinashe - Mayday (So Shifty Remix)

Find ´So Shifty´ at itunes (only $3.99)