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News from Beat Torrent!!!Enjoy...

What you're about to hear/download here is a bunch of remixes from the AV SHOW we've been touring since the end of 2008.
Here is the audio part, come and see us live to enjoy the video side of the show !

P.S : Theres's a new RMX LP coming in October 2010...

Peace !
Pfel & Atom (Beat Torrent)

Check out this live set from march 14th, 2010!!!

Now, bring me that horizon

New mix by one of our favorites, Sharkslayer!!! It´s called `Dead Men Tell No Tales` and it´s bass heavy and club ready. Enjoy...


01. Phil Kieran - Tartan Paint
02. Goldfish Und Der Lulz - Love Me Fender
03. Hobo - Orange Dyno
04. Legobeat - Dog, Owl, Bag (Woo Banger Remix)
05. Cytric - Filthy Beats (Hugo Rizzo & Unik Tech Mix)
06. Art Vs. Science - Parlez Vous Francais (Nadastrom Remix)
07. Headshotboyz - My Brand New V8
08. French Fries - Predador (Sharkslayer Nassau Vip)
09. Milt Mortez - Hobble
10. Sticky K - The Weirdo (Sharkslayer Nassau Mix)
11. Roulet - Dongo
12. Redlight - Stupid (instrumental)
14. Biass - Slap In The Bass
15. Dillon Francis & Dj Ammo - Westside
16. Lucid - Run It
17. Drop The Lime - Sex Sax (Dillon Francis Remix)
18. Egyptrixx - Phones (Sharkslayer Nassau Vip)
19. Beataucue - Wolves (Sharkslayer Remix)
20. Tom Staar - Two Tone Simms
21. Sharkslayer - Hammerhead
22. DJ Pushups - Things
23. The Others - Quantum Leap
24. Cosmin TRG - Strobe Lick
25. Supra 1 feat. Amy Douglas - Still Believe (The Boogaloo Crew Arpsteppa Remix)


Runnin` Wild

New Remix by Monkey Safari in a little Charleston style. Nice one!!!

Patrick & Eugene - Altogether Now (Monkey Safari Remix)
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If you want to practice...

Recap of last REWIND, 29.05.2010

For more pics click here.

All My Beloved Big Fat Monster Beats Party

This saturday! June, 26th @ A.R.M., Kassel

Cool down & get crazy!

Huzzaa! The soccer championships are in full swing , which means it‘s finally time to go inside the cave of the rave to cope with all your emotions. Here is how to make the most of your last June weekend. with the best event, the „coolest“ place to rock & rave and the sweetest action on four turntables with your hosts of the evening: Danny & Janatic.

After more than 3 dozen top partynights Danny & Janatic aka the penalty killers are still serving you their own mix & selection of 80’s, Classic’s, Rare Grooves, Mash Ups und Bootybass, skandinavian Disco-Hits, Baile Funk, Funk Carioca, Baltimore Club, Miami Bass, Electro, Tropical,Soul & HipHop-2.0.

So be awesome and legendary at the same time, get your glasses & your pants and move your ass over here to rock around the clock!
Wear your jersey and get ready for the finals!

I wear my sunglasses in the stadium -do you!?

and here are some new moves to practice...

Enjoy this one...

Riton - Banana Song


Blunted on reality

The Fugees translated an intriguing blend of Jazz-Rap, R&B, and Reggae into huge success during the mid-'90s, when the trio's sophomore album `The Score` hit number one on the pop charts and sold over five million copies. The trio formed in the late '80s in the New Jersey area, where Lauryn Hill and Prakazrel Michel ("Pras") attended a local high school and began working together. Michel's cousin Wyclef Jean ("Clef") joined the group (then called the Tranzlator Crew), and the trio signed to Ruffhouse/Columbia in 1993. After renaming themselves the Fugees (a term of derision, short for refugees, which was usually used to describe Haitian immigrants). Though the group's debut album, `Blunted on Reality`, was quite solid, it reflected a prevailing gangsta stance that may have been forced by the record label. No matter how pigeonholed the Fugees may have sounded on their debut, the group had obviously asserted their control by the time of their second album, `The Score. With just as much intelligence as their Jazz-Rap forebears, the trio also worked with surprisingly straight-ahead R&B on the soulful "Killing Me Softly With His Song," sung by Lauryn Hill. Elsewhere, Clef and Pras sampled Doo Wop and covered Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry," giving the record familiarity for the commercial mainstream, but keeping it real with insightful commentary on their urban surroundings. `The Score` became one of the surprise hits of 1996, reaching number one on the pop charts and making the Fugees one of the most visible rap groups around the world.
(taken from their Myspace)

The first single from `The Score`was called `Fu-Gee-La`. The single entered No.2 in the U.S. Rap Charts and No. 29 U.S. Hot 100 in 1996.

The first sample from the single is `If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don`t Want To Be Right by Ramsey Lewis` and the second sample is by California singer `Teena Marie` and her 1988 hit `Ooo la la la`. Enjoy...

Teena Marie - Ooo La La La


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Press play

Come again?

Moombahton!? Anybody!? The interview with the explanation is taken from thefader.com.

DJ Ayres sent us this little interview with Dave Nada explaining the TOTALLY amazing origins of “Moombahton,” which is essentially Dutch house screwed down to sound like reggaeton’s weird little cousin. Check the interview after the jump (hint: involves ditching high school!).

Ayres: How did you come up with Moombahton? It’s such a weird idea, usually dance producers take slower songs and speed them up, not the other way around. I’m imagining you playing an Afrojack 12″ on 33 rpm instead of 45, by accident.

I probably shouldn’t tell this story, but here goes. Lo ciento Tia Sona! My little cousin Jean-Pierre is a huge Nadastrom fan and he’s about to graduate from high school. Him and his boy Mike are notorious for throwing these wild skipping parties. For those that don’t know, “skipping parties” are when you throw a house party mid school day and you tell all your friends that morning, and everyone who knows about the party skips school to go wild out. Word of mouth only too, no internet/paper trail. Anyhow, around their homecoming last fall they asked if I could DJ one of their skipping parties, and I, being the supportive/bad seed cousin that I am, agreed. They had a beat up system, but like 329439 speakers all over Mike’s basement so it sounded huge. They told me it would last about an hour because cops usually bust it up. The house/neighborhood was right by the woods so it was convenient to bounce and hide if need be. Anyhow, so here we are at Mike’s empty house around 11:30AM and everything is set up. Kids start pouring in around noon and the music starts. Mike and JP are dropping bachata and moving into reggaeton. This shit was getting crazy. Twenty minutes in and the place is PACKED, all Latin kids and everyone is fuuuucked up. Haha! I was gettin mad nervous (oldest dude there) and JP was like, “Yo you gotta go on soon primo!” and I’m thinking, fuck I cant play house/techno shit, I’ll get jumped. So I had the idea of slowing down some of the tropical/Dutch house stuff I had on CDs. Afrojack’s “Moombah Remix” being the biggest tune, I said fuck it and turned that shit down to 108 bpm. JP told all his people about me so bamas started cheering when I went on. And that’s when shit popped the fuck off. The minute that T-t-t-t-turn up the bass! part came in and dropped the place went insane! I played it all the way til the end and then did the same to Sidney Samson’s “Riverside” and EVERYONE is yelling the “Riverside motherfucker!” part and shit was just too much. I was losin’ it and told myself, I need to make some edits of this shit! And thus, Moombahton was born. Long story short, neighbors complained a good 15 minutes into my set and threatened to call the cops. Half the party started to bounce and then a few minutes later Mike yells, “Cops on the way!” and like clockwork this party was done. All in about an hour. I parked down the street and drove both my cousin JP and Mike back to school so they could catch the end of their classes as if nothing ever happened.

Have you played these songs in the club? What kind of response have you gotten?

Well, after that experience, I had to try this in the club and I’ve played a few edits here and there at Taxlo in Baltimore to huge reactions. Then I did an entire set of Moombahton at a gig at the Olympics in Vancouver last month. This Moombahton shit was also inspired by Bersa Discos (#6) who make some amazing bugged out mixes of cumbia/reggaeton/Latin jams, so I like to mix Moombahton with that. Canadians are gettin wild with it now. I gave Moombahton edits to several of my DJ cousins who DJ Latin parties and clubs in DC and it pops off like mad.

Are you going to be producing official Moombahton remixes, or just keeping it bootlegs all the way?

Both! Be on the lookout for Steve Starks, “Lydia (Nadastrom Moombahton Remix).”

Other producers are already picking up on the style, doing their own Moombahton edits. Are you at all concerned this will be your crowning achievement? On your tombstone it will say “Dave Nada. Creator of Moombahton.”

Ha! I don’t know about all of that. But I do know that Moombahton sounds funky as hell on a system, at a party, at a club, at a function, by the beach, etc. so why not? As long as I can keep the floor moving, I’m good.

Here are some of my favorite Moombahton tracks...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)
(Click the arrow on the right to download)

Dr Dre feat. Snoop Dogg - Next Episode (DJ Melo Moombahton Edit)
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Back in the days

Shakira’s “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” has been named the official song of the 2010 World Cup. Hate it or love it! But a Latin American singing the anthem for the first African World Cup? That ain’t right. So check out the original song. It´s from a group called `Zamina` out of Cameroon and was a big hit in 1986. Enjoy...

and here is a nice acapella version of the song...

as a bonus enjoy this song played by Capetown-based Freshlyground, an eclectic band with African rhythms at the heart of their music and several wonderful vocalists, lead by Zolani Mahola. Why not just have them play the official song?

Freshlyground - Ma`Cheri (Click the arrow on the right to download)

Do You Want More?!!!??!

New track from one of my favorite Hip Hop bands straight outta Philly, The Roots. The track is called `The Fire` and so are the features. The legendary John Legend and Bobby Ray. The new album `How I got over` hits the stores today!! Enjoy...

The Roots feat. John Legend & Bobby Ray - The Fire (Remix)

and now enjoy this legendary performance...


Bread & Butter

Enjoy this nice edits by Baba Black. I like...

Na Pista @ Oi FM POA

New Mini-Mix, for Oi FM, by brasilian music project Pristine Blusters formed by the brazilians DJs Carlos Nuñez from Sao Paulo, Brazil (who’s been DJing in electronic music scene in São Paulo’s nights for 11 years), Victor Arle and Alexandre Favilla, both from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Enjoy...

(click the arrow on the right to download)


1 - Daft Punk - Prime Time of Your Life
2 -Sidney Samson - Riverside (Peo De Pitte Re-rub)
3 - Police Squad - Kitchen To Sink
4 - Proxy - 40 Seconds
5- Bassbin Twins - 80808
6 - Dirty Disco Youth - Heads Off (Proper Villains mo' acid edit)
7 - The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix)
8 - AC Slater - Hello (Neon Steve remix)
9 - Luvstuff - Ziek Music (Audiobot's "Get Down" Remix)
10 - Run DMC - My Adidas (Pilotpriest Remix)
11 - Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body (Skrillex Remix)
12 - Carl Orff - Carmina Burana (Front 242 Remix)
13 - Xis - Qualquiehmohtreta (MKM&GBX Remix)
14 - Trompeta - Magic Carpet Ride
15 - Dj Bam Bam & Alex Peace - Vibrations (Kid Komas Remix)
16 - 2 Eivissa - Move Your Body (Latino Remix)
17 - Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (Harvard Bass Remix)
18 - LMFAO - Im in Miami Trick
19 - Chuckie Vs. LMFAO - Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch
20 - M.I.A. + Bonde do Tigrao - Tchutchuca in XR2 (Leo Justi Blend)
21 - Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Soulwax Remix)
22 - David Guetta Feat. Akon - Sexy Bitch
23 - Dizzee Rascal Feat. Armand Van Helden - Bonkers
24 - Daft Punk - Rollin 'n' Scratchin'
25 - Boys Noize - Transmission (Redial Remix)
26 - Pristine Blusters - Baile Piano
27 - Ali Disco B - Check The Lovers (Pristine Blusters Remix)
28 - The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go (Pristine Blusters Remix)
29 - I Robots - Frau (Pristine Blusters Remix)
30 - Pristine Blusters - Generation Bad(ass)
31 - Pristine Blusters - Journey Machine
32 - Larry Tee - Licky (Pristine Blusters Remix)
33 - Tiga - Mind Dimension (Pristine Blusters Remix)
34 - Pristine Blusters - Glitch Funk
35 - Pristine Blusters -Take MC's
36 - Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (Pristine Blusters Remix)
37 - Pristine Blusters - Rail To Budapest
38 - Afrika Bambaataa - The Rock Don't Stop (Pristine Blusters Remix)
39 - Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (Pristine Blusters Remix)
40 - Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir (Pristine Blusters Remix)
41 - Pristine Blusters - You Better
42 - Pristine Blusters - We Play Hard
43 - Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar (Pristine Blusters & DJ Mulher 'Millionaire' Remix)