This sundayday!!! January, 29th @ A.R.M., Kassel

“My Girl wants to party all the time…”

Neues Spiel, neues Jahr. Lil`Jan und Danny sind wieder am Start und schon geht’s wieder weiter mit Rewind, der Party der Sünde, des Glücksspiels und der Unterhaltung. Die beiden machen die Musik, die selbst die langweiligste Familienfeier zu einem Ereignis wie Silvester macht.

Musikalisch werden sie euch auch dieses Jahr wieder mit 80′s, Classic’s, Rare Grooves, Mash Ups und Bootybass, skandinavischen Disco-Hits, Baile Funk, Funk Carioca, Baltimore Club, Miami Bass, Electro, Rock und Soul über HipHop-2.0 bis hin zu allem, was sonst noch zu einen hot and sweaty Dancefloor führt.

Also Freunde der Nacht – gleich drei Sachen bedenken:

Erstens: neues Outfit kaufen!

Zweitens: Sonnenbrillen einstecken

Drittens: die eigene Adresse aufschreiben, damit wenigstens der Taxifahrer noch weiß wo man wohnt.

Hinweis: Diese Party kann Süchtig machen! Bei Nebenwirkungen fragen sie bitte ihr Gegenüber oder ihr Gewissen

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax (Meaux Green's "Meaux Says Bass" Remix)

Ira Atari - Don't Wanna Miss You (Farbflut Remix)

Lee Bass-Edelweiss (Hat and Hoodie Remix)

Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Leo Justi Remix)


Ain`t it funk now

DELICIOUS this saturday @ A.R.M., Kassel

Unter dem Motto „Ain`t it funk now“ haben sich DANNY, SCRATCHI und ZWO FUFFI durch sämtliche Crates aller Plattenläden, Keller und Dachböden gegraben, um euch auf der nächsten Party mit den wertvollsten Diamanten der 60er, 70er, 80er und 90er Jahre aus den Bereichen Funk, Soul und Hip Hop zu flashen.

Brand new old school expansive hardcore live analogue record diggin’ bodyrockin’ show stoppin’ boom bap satisfaction.Golden Age Hip Hop, 60s and 70s Funk and Soul, Breaks, Mash-Ups and everything which keeps the FUNK alive. We are talking about the Roots, Badu, Mark Ronson, Miike Snow, Mos Def, Common, Roots Manuva, Jackson 5, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, etc – you know the likes… for that matter, go on and practice the Electric Slide, Shuffle Slide, Cleveland Slide, Jungle Slide, the Ed Lover Dance or maybe the Carlton Dance…cause we party till the break of dawn!

January 22th, 2011
@ ARM, Kassel
Doors open at 24 PM
No Dress Code


Raphael Saadiq - Radio

Mighty Ryeders _ The Evil Vibrations (Loco Edit)



Wow, very nice track by my bro Hertzrhythmus. Check also his other tracks on his
Soundcloud page. Enjoy...

Hertzrhythmus - See The Sun

and as a bonus...

Hertzrhythmus - Prod 2


People Want Sugar

Our mate Kid Fresh is back with an eclectic mix and it`s crazy, sexy, cool. This time it`s an exclusive for the Mad Decent blog. Sorry, no tracklist so far, but you can grab a Mad Decent Tee for free if you can list the whole thing. Just click here.

Grab his older stuff here.

Bus A Bus

Damn, I`ve missed his show last month. One of the G.O.A.T.s of rap music is back with a killer feature. I`m talking about Busta Rhymes. The track is from Chris Browns forthcoming album F.A.M.E., produced by Diplo & Afrojack and also with a feature from Weezy. The music is for my taste an average production, the Chris and the Weezy part are lame but Bus A Bus is the bomb. Listen for yourself...

Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhyme Lil Wayne- Look At Me Now



Check out the stuff of London/ San Francisco based KMT. Call it `Remix` or call it `Mash Up`. This stuff is great. Visit also the KMT bandcamp page. Enjoy...

Arrested Development Vs Rakim - Guess Who's Everyday People

Bob Marley Vs Nas - Jamming Is Hip Hop

La Roux Vs Rakim - I Know You're Bulletproof

Alice Russell Vs Poor Righteous Teachers - Let Us Be Life

Grab the whole album here

What Happend To That Boys

What happend to that boys!

"First up, we'll release an EP on Mad Decent at the end of february, called Nasty Bass. We'll also hit North America around march, for example at SXSW etc.
Following that we'll release a small soca-EP for the summer, as well as some bounce-stuff on Man Recordings.
On top of that, you can also expect a mixtape from us coming around spring."

All the best


For more news hit `em up on Twitter

Bert On Beats - Alemao feat. Mc Gi (Schlachthofbronx Remix)

If you missed this mix, go and grab it here for free. Nearly a hour long, full of current club stuff and some classiques so you’re not going wrong with this one either. This is something you need for your train/car rides!!!



Prince Fanny – Insane In The Brain
Big Pun – Im Not A Player
Ghostface – Together Baby
MC Rudolf – Tietää Mist Ne Puhuu
Fex Fellini – Kolo (Desto Remix)
Natalie Storm – Bang Bang
MS Dynamite – What You Talking About
501 – Smoke & Mirrors
Mumdance – Smasher (Top Billin Remix)
Sam Tiba f. Spoek Mathambo – Burning
Manaré – Sugar Rush
Egyptrixx – Liberation Front
Maxxi Soundsystem – Criticize
Marc Romboy vs Blake Baxter – Muzik (KINK Remix)
Murphy Jax ft Mike Dunn – It’s The Music
Storm Queen – Look Right Through
Your Love (U-Tern Remix)
Stardone – CT
Rusko – My Mouth
Yeah! Woho! – I Wanna Love You
Girl Unit – Wut
Them Jeans – Balloons (James Pants Remix)

Grab it here

Recap of last REWIND, 26.12.2010

For more pics click here.

Dream Riddim

Hey, hope you had great holidays and new year was bangin!

To kick off the new year we’ll serve you with a forward-thinking and at the same time very ghetto-influenced beats ep from a talented young man from Australia. Top Billin welcomes Lucid to the Top Billin family. Melbourne based Lucid is known for his non-compromising approach to making club smashers and you can really hear it in his works. Beats bang hard and the movement is steadily upwards. He’s even won a remix competition for Count & Sinden just recently.This ep has 4 original tunes and not a single remix to keep your ear on Lucid, there’s much more coming from this you champ. A lucid dream, in simplest terms, is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. Australia, what a hub of amazing talent.

Lucid - The Dream EP

The Count and Sinden feat. Bashy - Addicted (Lucid Remix)