Trash-a-licious - A Timewarp To The 90s


RWND Crew proudly presents


A Timewarp to the 90s

This saturday @ A.R.M. Kassel

Let´s set the record straight: The 90s are back in a big way. As if! Unless you`re totally clueless when it comes to comebacks, you know the nineties are the dopest thing since like, the eighties.

We are talking about just good old-fashioned dance mixes: Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Dance, House, plus all the one-hit wonders it´s cool to like now that there´s more of a decade of ironic distance between you and your adolescent self.

So Jump Around, be a Lovefool. Get too sexy for your (Flanel) shirt and do the Macarena on a Saturday Night. Cause Rhythm is a dancer.

Unsere DJ´s haben schon 90s aufgelegt, da war Britney noch Jungfrau!!!

Come on barbie, let´s go party…Hyper, Hyper!!!!

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