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We all love the track `Barbra Streisand` by Duck Sauce. They took the sample from Boney Ms hit single `Gotta Go Home` from 1979. Well, `Gotta Go Home` is another cover song. The song is called "Hallo Bimmelbahn" by Nighttrain from 1973. It was written and composed by Heinz Huth, Jürgen Huth and Michael Holm. Nighttrain was a band from Berlin, Germany, consisting of brothers Heinz and Jürgen Huth. The Nighttrain version doesn't have the sax riffs though, so they obviously come from Julie Driscoll's `Tramp` from 1967. The songwriters for `Tramp` are Jimmy McCracklin & Lowell Fulsom. `Tramp` was recorded in 1967 by other artists too, most notably Otis & Carla (Redding & Thomas) and Fulsom himself. Fulsom's own version doesn't have the sax riffs but Otis' does... So there's now two possibilities where the sax riffs come from: the Otis or Driscoll version. `Tramp` was also covered by Salt 'N Pepa in 1986 on their debut album and used a little while later as the b-side to their huge hit `Push It`. Their version has the sax riffs too. So enjoy...

Check this...

Duck Sauce vs. Boney M. - Barbra Go Home (Nicky Smiles Mash-Up)

Boney M. - Gotta Go Home (Kalandra Fel Edit)

Boney Duck Sauce - Gotta Go Home Barbra Streisand (digaBoo's all sauced up vocal rub-down)

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