Even though the REWIND CREW hasn't even announced a 2nd generation T-Shirt yet -we 've already heard the first rumors. RWNDrumors.com reports that they've got the information from a "supplier", that the Boys are planning to leak the new shirts on their next event this saturday!!!

The source, who works for a major company, claims the supplier
has said the current version of the T-Shirt is no longer available,
but new ones are already shipped.

While we've got reservations about the secondhand nature of the information originating from a "supplier", a March launch for the new T-Shirts would match witch a report from earlier this month claiming that the RWND CREW will hold a mega event this month to preview the new generation of T-Shirts. Another hint is this picture we've found on several blogs.

Starks & Nacey - The Flip

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