Torro Torro


DJ Ayres of The Rub send us this nice piece of music.The Zombies for Money remix is the bomb and not only one of my favorites.

DJ Craze "Torro Torro are on fire at the moment!! Blue Blouse is a club monsta!!!"
Drop The Lime "Torro Torro 'Blue Blouse' is a banger!!! ZFM remix is a floor destroyerrrr"
DJ Klever "Great tune! Love these guy's. That sample makes me want it as a pet. ;)"
AC Slater "Ayres mix is haaard. Johnny Love remix is bangin. Zombies for Money remix is crazy. Huge EP!"
Malente "Full on incredible fusion of styles! Love it!ZFM remix is the winner for me but Johnny Love's remix is as strong for sure."
Gina Turner "My fav is the Zombies for Money mix! Seriously a strong release!"

Blue Blouse is out on all digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno) on March 8, 2011.

Torro Torro - Blue Blouse EP

Grab the Zombies For Money remix via RCRDLBL for free...

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